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'Connais l'ami de la nature .....'



The name 'Carmelite' refers to the location of 'Mt. Carmel', a mountain range that runs along the Mediterranean coast in northern Israel overlooking the city of Haifa. It holds a particular significance in Jewish and Christian tradition.


It is a green oasis surrounded by desert, hence, its name “Carmel, which means “the Garden of God” in Hebrew. 

'Ne trouvez-vous pas que la nature vous parle de Dieu?'

'I believe that God cares deeply for our whole beings – our bodies, our minds and our spirits, that one truly affects the other, and that we actively need to put our health and our wellbeing first in an often frantic and stressful world. He wants to help us know complete healing and restoration in every area of our lives, to take our worries, concerns, stresses and anger to Him, to find that place of ‘refreshing springs’ as conveyed in Psalm 84' (Allison, AECI) 


'Je me souviens de la belle vue que nous avions de notre chambre'


'la nature est un tres bonne ami'

'Cela fait longtemps que nous n'avons pas gravi les montagnes ensemble'


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