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The following links might be of interest to any visitors affected by some of the issues that were part of Elisabeth's own life. The charities and the organisations mentioned here are 'friends' of the 'Ami Elisabeth Catez Institute' and we hope to build on our early partnerships with these groups in the months ahead:

It is hard to imagine how Elisabeth must have felt when she was so unwell towards the end of her life with 'Addisons Disease' and when no treatment was available.

The 'Addisons Disease Self-Help Group' are based in Bristol, United Kingdom. They aim to reach out to individuals and families affected by 'Addisons'. Here is a link to the ADSHG website where you will see that the diagnosis, treatment, outlook and support for any one diagnosed with Addison's Disease since the formal "discovery and recognition" of the condition, has advanced significantly.


As a starting point visitors might also find this leaflet interesting; it covers not only the work that the ADSHG do, but also the history behind Addison's Disease.

We are very grateful to Alison Mainwaring (Online Enquiries Assistant) at ADSHG.



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