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At the 'Ami Elisabeth Catez Institute' we aim to work to the following three guiding principles within all our programmes of study, our spiritual reflections and in the variety of resources we offer. We hope that participants, friends and visitors will learn a little more of Elisabeth's life, her message of inner contentment and peace, by exploring our courses and materials in more detail :

1) The AECI shall seek to examine notions of 'belonging' and 'identity' in the twenty first century, with particular regard to the spiritual dimension of human life. This shall include consideration of how 'belonging' is related to key concepts of 'being', 'community', 'faith' and 'attachment', and where necessary the AECI shall highlight superficial or imperfect layers of 'belonging' that result in spiritual damage and denial.

2) The AECI shall encourage all participants and visitors to view and to explore the role that 'interior silence' and  'stillness' can play in overcoming personal challenges and trials. It shall promote a sense of balance and simplicity amid the demands of everyday life and so encourage a holistic approach to human well being. It will strive to advance a physical, mental and spiritual health that opens us up to new encounter and to a genuine sense of self-worth, beyond what has become 'commonplace'.

3) The AECI shall consider different understandings of the word 'home' and of 'dwelling', with reference to a variety of religious and spiritual traditions, so as to nurture within participants and interested parties a sense of 'the divine presence' and its potential for 'healing'. It shall focus on the cherished space that we can help construct ourselves to hold 'a peace within',  to release a sense of fresh purpose and moral awareness ('the home and hearth' of Love)

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Towards a ministry of belonging, stillness and healing

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