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A Dialogue Between Heaven and Earth (Lent 2023) : Week Four

Updated: Mar 23

'The Heaven of Glory and the Heaven of Faith' : A poem by St Elizabeth of the Trinity

Week Four

'Voice of Earth'

Through everything ... on earth: already we're

Possessing You, our Peace and vision! For,

As in one light we gather, there and here,

We lose ourselves in God, for evermore!

There is a strong, repeated emphasis in the writings of Elizabeth on a guided or piloted spiritual energy or ‘movement’ at work , and it is something that she believes that we too can tap into!

This 'presence' is there, indeed 'through everything' we might experience as mortal beings - through joy and sorrow, triumph and trial, success and failure. If we examine the Gospel in a spirit of openness we can see this deep understanding or grasp on 'peace and vision' evident in the life of Jesus Christ, and Elizabeth saw it also coming to fruition throughout her own vocation.

It is in our silence, our humility and forgetfulness of ‘the Self’, that we are being informed by the Presence of God. A listening heart before all else should lead the way of travel. And in our heart's response we come to 'lose ourselves' in the very intimacy where God so works. She writes: ‘Trinity whom I adore, help me to forget myself entirely, so that I may abide in You.'

Question: How much of the world around us is in need of a bold peace and bold vision? How often do we as individuals miss the chance to live 'in the one light' whilst focusing on our own course of travel? Do we need to deepen our prayer life and to see 'everything' anew, so as to 'possess' a sense of divine strength, divine purpose and divine love?

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