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A Dialogue Between Heaven and Earth (Lent 2023) : Week Two

Updated: Mar 23

Week Two

'Voice of Heaven'

Infinite Being! Depth unsoundable!

Delighted, lost in Your Divinity -

O Trinity, God thrice immutable

We see Yourself in Your own clarity

Elizabeth is aware of the very real limitations we face in attempting to convey our understanding of the Divine. She instead emphasises a sense of being 'lost', or abandoned in overwhelming 'delight', before the infinite qualities of God's Love and Mercy.

On occasions she echoes the writings of St Teresa of Avila with her use of the word 'immutable' ('God never changes' from the famous prayer of St Teresa of Avila). On that singular profound truth we can then rely.

It is through the Trinity, the all encompassing presence and reception of the Father , the Son and the Holy Spirit, that indeed touches our very soul in times of difficulty as well as times of joy. This is what offers 'clarity' for Elizabeth - a clarity around the voice of heaven, its deep call to us and our potential response to it.

Where some might only be grappling with words and concepts, Elizabeth is imploring us to enter that state of abandonment, putting aside what it is that seeks to define and to restrict.

Question: In week two of Lent, how might we deepen our trust in the Divine outside of mental pictures and excessive vocabulary? In our moments of silence and contemplation can we feel ourselves being 'drawn' more to the peace and equilibrium of the Trinity? Are we able to identify the noise and the flux around us and know how it contrasts starkly with the 'immutable' nature of God?

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