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A Dialogue Between Heaven and Earth (Lent 2023) : Week One

The Heaven of Glory and the Heaven of Faith : A Poem by St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Week One

We who are bathed in Light, within the 'Three' -

The Face of God, the splendor of its rays -

See, by those shinings, into Mystery:

They ever show new secrets, Heaven's days

We can think of the Season of Lent as an honest encounter between our true inner person or being, and the living God that calls us to something brighter and better.

In this first stanza of Elizabeth's poem 'The Heaven of Glory' is captured in her many references to 'Light' and its unique power to open us up to those 'eternal secrets'.

It is her vision and awareness of the 'Face of God' that challenges us at this time of reflection and renewal. And it is the 'Face of God' that we picture as one beckoning us towards new discoveries and certainties. We so partake in the glory of Heaven albeit in very small ways.

Question: In our first week of observance in this sacred time of Lent , what is it that we might see anew or afresh? Is it our very relationship with the Divine? Our sense of the value and the uniqueness of those dear to us, of all that is around us? Or does the 'Face of God' look on us and 'the splendor of its rays' illuminate a part of ourselves that longs for transformation?

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