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A Dialogue Between Heaven and Earth (Lent 2023) : Week Three

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

'The Heaven of Glory and the Heaven of Faith' : A poem by St Elizabeth of the Trinity

Week Three

'Voice of Earth'

he saints in Heav'n ... but, also, here below

Souls come and merge themselves in such a Love,

In mystery and night this happens so -

God satisfies: in dark, in Day above.

The challenges during the course of Lent can come thick and fast, our striving for genuine interior transformation and real change within the world can leave us feeling overwhelmed at the scale of the task. Our 'voice' might indeed cry out to 'the heavens' for the encouragement of 'the saints'!!

Elizabeth, with her firm view that we can share in the glory of 'heaven in faith' and receive a strength surpassing human strength, pitches such strivings, temptations and struggles - the movement of our very souls - in that 'mystery and night' which can envelop us. Confusion is a very tangible emotional and mental state for Elizabeth.

However, Divine Love holds no bounds. Our true person shall 'merge' in unseen and profound ways with the God to whom we cry out. 'God satisfies', Elizabeth affirms. God is present 'in dark' moments and God is present in Mercy, Integrity and Light, now in 'Day above' (note the capital letter!!).

Question: Do we fully acknowledge our dependence on God's grace and intimacy? Can you reflect on how our soul 'merges' in a wider, flowing Love? Is it through commitment or through personal hope, through word, action, or silence? Is it when we least expect it? In the week ahead, try to look to 'the Day above', to each 'Day', as a fresh and a stimulating learning experience!

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