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A Dialogue Between Heaven and Earth (Lent 2023) Good Friday

'The Heaven of Glory and the Heaven of Faith' : A poem by St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Over the course of the Easter Triduum, let us bring our focus onto three lines again within Elizabeth's poem.

Good Friday: 'Through everything... on earth, already (we're) possessing You'

The events of the Crucifixion present to us a human world that has lost its way. The leadership of the Temple in Jerusalem fear an erosion of their authority, the Roman governor in the province of Judea fails to act to save an innocent yet ondemned man, the crowd are caught up in an emotional outpouring of blame and accusation. There is noise, anxiety, misguided perceptions right through the narrative. And there is the horror and brutality of the violence and cruelty inflicted on Jesus on that place called 'Golgotha'.

Today we reflect on what it is that human beings can put other human beings 'through'. What many of our fellow brothers and sisters have to endure in our brutal world today. We open our hearts to a new way, alongside the Mercy of the Divine. And we think of the courage, endurance and strength that Jesus showed as he bridged the chasm between earth and heaven through the way of Cross.

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