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'Guarding Your Primal Gifts' (Six Steps To Remember When Facing Unemployment) - Week Two

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Step 2/Week Two : Letting Nature In :

In the last week’s blog entry (Monday 24th August 2020) there was a quote from Thomas who had unexpectedly found himself without work. He describes the importance of 'getting fresh air and some sunlight'. It seems true, that in some profound way, our engagement with nature 'unlocks' something that resides within us. The natural world can have a compassionate effect upon our worldview - it can provide a clear head, fresh air and the necessary time and space to re-think our priorities and our outlook.

We might even say that regular exercise in any natural setting - the park, the garden, the forest, the waterfront, among the garden flowers - helps us to perceive our own personal qualities or 'Primal Gifts' once again. We gauge that inner call to value the world around us and with it - perhaps - we can connect with higher spiritual realms of ‘presence’, of 'beauty' and of ‘unity’. We might feel an uplifting sensation in the outdoors (an example of what we term 'exalt belonging') which cannot be taken from us by recurring fears of the future. We can - and we need - to feel that sense of 'exalt belonging' in each day of our life, particularly when faced with very real challenges around our working life !

So, if you can keep some positive connection with the environment or 'natural space', with a walk or a regular trip outdoors if possible, among the plants and the flowers, within the touch of the rays of the sun, a breeze, even just from a window vantage point, it can provide a boost.Remember we are 'guarding' a sense of self-worth in those little ways!

Have a look at the link below and consider how the word 'rumination' is used in the clip. Our 'Primal Gifts', alive in nature, might hold the key to avoiding over thinking, stress and 'rumination':

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