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A Dialogue Between Heaven and Earth (Lent 2023) Easter Sunday

The Heaven of Glory and the Heaven of Faith' : A poem by St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Easter Sunday: 'Oh, give God glory while on earth you live'

On reading Paul's Letter to the Ephesians, Elizabeth received a sense that her personal vocation was to live 'for the Praise of God's Glory'. With her deep faith in the transformative reality of the Resurrection she committed to be an apostle of love in the Church.

Today, on this uplifting and optimistic day in the calendar of the Church , may we too sharpen our commitment and allegiance to a life full of understanding and compassion in Christ, and live and work in the quiet and the tranquility that informs our own 'Praise of God's Glory'.

Our sincere good wishes to all this Easter!! (AECI)

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