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Mountainside Reflections for Lent 2024 (Easter Sunday)

Updated: Apr 1

Today you choose to reflect in solitude and simplicity on the 'sermon' you heard Jesus deliver.

It is to be a day of rest and of contemplation. Your immediate surroundings seem to be most serene and conducive to absorbing more of his key teachings and wisdom.

One other incident on the mountainside however is still troubling you.

At the very start of his address, as he repeated the phrase '... Blessed are' , a young woman near the front of the multitude and known only by the name of Mary, had spoken forcefully to Jesus saying ... 'but who are the 'poor in spirit' that you talk of?'

' ... why child, those who realize their need for God', Jesus had replied.

That was the very point when the crowd had quietened. Listened more intently . Digested the words and what lay beyond the words. It was the point when 'hope' had soared high and seemingly opened their heads and hearts to the prospect of change.

'Human realization' itself needs the right conditions. When Jesus saw the crowds, as he went up the mountain, sat down upon the rocks, as the people 'tuned in' to his bold vision of 'hope' ...all these had made for the right conditions.

And your own curiosity that day.

Your trip up the dusty slopes among familiar faces.

Your 'need' for a divine pathway. These too were 'the right conditions'. Seeking something of lasting value, you had found a basis from which to live, to work,to love.

'Do not be afraid'

Had this statement of his not echoed across the mountainside?

It was as if the entire human race had been elevated on that particular day.

And today, this truth seems all the more clearer.

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