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AECI Advent 2021 Half Day Retreat: 'The Challenge of Time'

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Re-Organizing Time - God's Mercy

'It is there in the very depths that the divine impact takes place, where the abyss of our nothingness encounters the Abyss of mercy' (Elizabeth of the Trinity)

For Elisabeth Catez (Elizabeth of the Trinity) God is capable of direct intervention in our lives - as in the story of Mary and Joseph - and direct intervention into our very essence or character as human beings. In her early life Elisabeth encountered an extremely intense and difficult period losing both grandfather and father in the space of a few months and moving her family home to Dijon.

As we are able to live more in the present and to see for ourselves the hand of God in guiding our path, we might come to regard a new perspective on time as a welcome and 'merciful' shift in our consciousness.

God's Mercy comes in restoring a balance and a perspective. It is as if secular time - and its demands upon us - melts away into our developing and our unfolding character. We understand what it means to grow in 'shekinah', the glory of God within.

Can we allow ourselves to be shaped again by the story of Christmas and its promise of peace? In Elizabeth's own musical analogy ... can we become a soul of silence, of goodness that 'remains like a lyre under the mysterious touch of the Holy Spirit so that he may draw from it divine harmonies'??

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