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AECI Advent 2021 Half Day Retreat: 'The Challenge of Time'

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Ways To Rest

'Beyond them ... rest in its Master, above all things’ (Elizabeth of the Trinity)

At the beginning of this AECI Half Day Retreat we wanted to focus on the importance of 'waiting, resting and returning'. We have explored some of the 'noise' - inner and outer commotion - that we might feel dominates as we link our lives closely to rigid definitions of time and to secular patterns and junctures.

Faith can perhaps help us cope with this generated noise and busyness in life, by encouraging us to 'dwell' or 'rest' in an inner source of strength and comfort. The inner 'light' that we took earlier from Holman's image and allowed to fully enter our hearts in these few days before we recall once again the birth of the Christ child. We are but a soul exposed to a process of growth and healing, through love, a process of divine replenishment in our hour of need.

Two questions to reflect upon.

1) When you truly 'rest' what is happening? Are you breaking up or re-ordering those priorities and preoccupations, those rigid time frames that can control you?

2) After we 'rest', do we sometimes sense new ways of seeing, of listening and of communicating?

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