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Mountainside Reflections for Lent 2024; Week Six (The Soul When 'Hijacked')

' ... everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock' (The Sermon on the Mount)

Jesus now finishes speaking to the people assembled. 

He concludes with a summary about selfless action that upholds 'the will' of the Father in heaven and about the choices that we can make to maintain a solid 'foundation' and a clear focus.

He and his disciples have now withdrawn from the mountainside. It is later afternoon. The crowd too are making their way home, debating the finer points of this 'sermon' , contemplating the potential that he has highlighted.

You ponder the word 'foundation' and reflect on the values and the beliefs that have helped shape your life. You know that there are times, in trial and in tribulation, in trouble and in temptation, when those same values have been compromised or overlooked. When souls can be led astray.

Perhaps the 'foundations' are a work in progress? Maybe the soul in its movement and discovery, in all its searching,  unearths or unveils the' foundations'? Maybe through listening more attentively or more holistically we go about building more wisely?

He has spoken directly to you as one of the crowd with clarity and authority. You sense his deep insight and wisdom. He has outlined a new vision to the people gathered, a just and compassionate way ahead, one where you too can play a part.

You see it! How the soul can be almost 'hijacked' by the world's habits and priorities. You have witnessed this. Power, wealth, conflict, materialism, greed, anger, guilt .... the list can go on! This figure of Jesus strips the complex nature of our lives back to a stark simplicity. The foundation is his pure teaching. Let it filter in.

It is time now for you to return from the mountainside. To look differently on the house and the household, on family and friends, on career and money, on nature and art, on society and politics, on religion and faith.

To look upon this journey of yours differently, but vigilant in the ways of truth.

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