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Mountainside Reflections for Lent 2024: Week Five (The Soul In Harmony)

Updated: Mar 15

'..but do not bring us to to the time of trial, but rescue us from the evil one' (The Sermon on the Mount)

This Lent, we are hoping that friends and visitors to the AECI website can take a few moments each week in a quiet space of their own, imagining themselves on the mountainside amongst the 'multitude' of people who have assembled to listen to the address by Jesus, which we now refer to as the 'Sermon on the Mount'.

The many dimensions of spiritual life that Jesus has spoken of here have challenged your thought processes.

Light, righteousness, good fruit, perfection are all laid at the feet of the crowd and presented as meaningful steps towards a deeper relationship with the divine and with one another.

He has guided the people assembled in the ways of humble language, almsgiving, conciliation and prayer. He turns now to trial, to temptation and wrongdoing.

The isolation that might result from guilt or one's past actions melts as he talks to the crowd, any 'blockages' around one's integrity start to dissolve, the shock at the ingrained attitudes and behaviours that do surface just when one thinks self-control is mastered, are acknowledged .. yes, all human traits that lead us back to the source of mercy and truth.

He speaks directly to you as one of the crowd with clarity and authority. You sense his deep insight and wisdom. He has outlined a new vision to the people gathered, a just and compassionate way ahead, one where you too can play a part.

The soul shall find a 'harmony' in the simple reflection of its potential. On the mountainside you are content, some way away from the hustle and bustle of life, from the pressures and the strife.

Peace has opened up as a reality once again listening to this gifted teacher, to Jesus of Nazareth.

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